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Spiritual Business Building Program

IMAGINE what the world would look like if change-makers who led with their hearts had the ability to offer their gifts to the world and had more economic power . What kind of healing organizations and programs would they create? How would this impact your community? How would this impact your life? Now that you are finished imagining, it's time to start building.



Is that nudge from the universe to go out on your own getting louder and louder each day? Are you a wellness practitioner, coach, therapist, tarot reader or creative who is ready to launch your own full-time or part- time business? Have you recently started your business and are feeling like you could use some support? Did you know that you don’t have to do this all alone? 


Get the support you need while launching your spiritual business with this eight week business building immersive. Do the work you love in a way that is both financially lucrative and gives you the freedom to grow and evolve as a person and professional. 


A spiritual business is RADICALLY different from business as usual. This program is designed to help empathic people create businesses, programs and design marketing strategies with authenticity. Healing practitioners and creatives often stop themselves from doing a viable business for a variety of reasons. Some feel that having a business doesn’t align with their spiritual values or fear putting themselves out there. Many don’t want to have to “sell” themselves. Well, I have news. We are living in incredible times. Practitioners, coaches, therapists and creatives are taking their power back both in their lives and in their businesses and doing it THEIR way WITHOUT compromising their beliefs. If you are a sensitive practitioner ready to do business in a way that serves you and your unique clients then this program is made for you. 



In this immersive you will receive professional, spiritual and emotional support as you launch forward into this incredible new chapter in your career and your life. Build your business from your spiritual center and create a solid energetic and practical foundation that supports you financially, aligns with your social values and is attuned to your lifestyle and rhythms. 


Over the eight-week live online immersive we will cover: 


  • Energetic Foundations of your Business, Clientele and Programming 

  • Healing and Release Limiting Beliefs and Fearful Conditioning 

  • Learning Business Systems and Management 

  • Creating your Website and Promotionals to Attract your Ideal Clients 

  • Incorporating Inclusivity and Diversity in Spiritual Business 

  • Taking Concrete Actions Steps Towards your Goals 

  • Authentically Marketing and Utilizing Social Media 

  • Building a Business that Works With Your Lifestyle and Rhythms


All classes will be live and on Zoom. You will also receive written materials and be given homework exercises between classes to take action in building your business. A private facebook group for ongoing sharing and community support and encouragement will also be available.


Liz Disterhoft | Spiritual Business Coaching 

Liz Disterhoft, LICSW is the founder of COSMIKA™ Institute of Spiritual Light and the program director. She offers spiritual coaching, retreats and educational programming both in person and online. Liz has been helping wellness practitioners and creatives over the past five years build spiritual businesses that work for them. Her psychological and spiritual approach to coaching will help you become the energetic bedrock of your business. In this program she will work with you to overcome limiting beliefs and stuck emotions around launching your business and living abundantly. She will share with you her creative solutions to attract the right clientele and help you step by step through the transformational process of building a spiritual business of your very own. Get ready for a personal, professional and spiritual renaissance!


Britt Kreitman | Business Systems Management

Britt Kreitman, our business witch, has spent the better part of 15 years operating in the business world and has developed the necessary skills to successfully organize, optimize and refresh small businesses and sole-proprietors in need. She will share and  discuss building/rebuilding your website, implementing business systems and improving your processing to make your business run smoothly and effectively for both you and your clients so you can focus on what you love to do.

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Teresa Cruz Foley | Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity

Teresa Cruz Foley is Mexican American behavior analyst and social justice advocate who struggled to navigate her own intersectional identity. Her desire to heal from internalized oppression and supremacy beliefs, led her to research best practices in diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) from corporate, HR, education, and individual perspectives. She is the founder of Brave Space. Her approach integrating compassion and science to create mindful, evidence-based learning experiences has made her a sought-after speaker and presenter.

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Christine McDonough | Digital Marketing

Marketing encompasses tons of different disciplines, strategies, and tactics.  As a result, developing a basic understanding of how it works can be difficult. Christine McDonough, a Digital Marketing Specialist, is here to support and simplify the marketing techniques that are crucial for the foundation of your business in times where online presence is critical for your operations.

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