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Embrace Your Sacred Power: Self-Leadership Coaching for Women

3 Month Group Coaching and Healing Journey 



Are you yearning to unleash the depths of your sacred power and create a soulful shift in your life? Embrace Your Sacred Power is a three-month group coaching program that beckons women to step into their divine essence and become empowered leaders in their own unique way.


In this transformative group journey, we honor the profound difference in feminine leadership. Whether you are a nurturing homemaker, a holistic practitioner, a spirited entrepreneur, or a corporate warrior, this program invites you to honor your natural energies and lead with grace and authenticity. It's time to embrace your inner wisdom and forge a harmonious connection between your mind, body, and spirit in order to create the life you desire. 


Who is this program for?


Embrace Your Sacred Power is designed for those who are ready to embark on their authentic path, to manifest their heart's desires, and to embody their truth. Are you yearning to expand your capacity to hold more magic in your life? To courageously pursue your dreams and desires? If so, this sacred container will guide you towards surrendering to a trusted higher power that supports you unconditionally and a belief in yourself. It's a profound invitation to heal, lead, and create from within. This program is for those who identify as a feminine being and want to learn to lead from a place of love. 


Why choose Embrace Your Sacred Power?


Instead of seeking external validation or acquiring more certifications, this unique container empowers you to sink into your innate wisdom and cultivate deep self-trust through direct experience. Embrace Your Sacred Power invites you to honor your unique essence and offers you a circle of kindred spirits who support your growth and inspire your journey! 


What you will experience:


  • Understand Your Sacred Values: Immerse yourself in the exploration of your most sacred values and guiding principles that align you with your soul's purpose and ignite your divine spark.

  •  Nurture Your Emotional Landscape: Learn to lovingly tend to your emotional landscape of your soul, embracing your feelings and finding healing in the places where love and compassion has been absent.

  • Access Your Inner Temple of Wisdom: Deepen your connection to the wellspring of divine wisdom within you, accessing intuitive guidance in your emotions, mind and body.

  • Create Space for Self-Nourishment: Carve out the time and space in your life to nourish your spirit, honoring your unique needs for rejuvenation, restoration, and self-care.

  • Find Connection and Soulful Community: Make deep connections with kindred spirits who honor and celebrate your journey, offering support, encouragement, and inspiration along the way.

  • Blossom Into the Sovereignty of Your Soul: Embrace your divine sovereignty, stepping into your power, and leading your life with unwavering authenticity, courage, and trust.


What you will receive:


  • 12 weeks of live group coaching and transformative sessions conducted in a virtual sanctuary, where you can safely explore, heal, and grow.

  • Six bi-weekly group healings, where old energies are released and wounds are healed so that you can fully align with your purpose as you walk this path. 

  • Connection to a sacred sisterhood, a circle of wise and compassionate women who will uplift, encourage, and ignite the divine flame within you.

  • Discounted rate for an optional in person divine feminine dance party and firewalk led by Liz in November in Massachusetts. Date TBA. 


Join Embrace Your Sacred Power and embark on a profound journey of self-leadership. It's time to build the life of your dreams, honor your sacred calling, and become the radiant magic maker you were destined to be. Are you ready to embrace your power and lead from the depths of your feminine soul?


Your Facilitator 


Liz Disterhoft is a gifted facilitator, harmoniously blending her wisdom as an LICSW, Spiritual Coach, Healer, and Ceremonialist to orchestrate transcendent experiences for individuals and collectives. Using an empathic and imaginative approach, Liz creates an atmosphere that nurtures profound growth and provides unwavering support for individuals towards profound healing and self-discovery. Her transformational coaching integrates the realms of psychology, spiritual guidance, and energy healing to empower people to navigate the intricacies of their human lives while remaining firmly grounded with their soul's purpose. Liz's dedication to personal growth and holistic healing radiates in all facets of her work, from her online programming to her in-person retreats and events. 

Divine Details:


Investment: $999.

Early Bird Special: $888. Register now through 8/8 to avail this offer.

Payment Plans Available Through PayPal. Should you choose to use this option upon check out click the option to "pay later" or "pay in 4". 



Group Coaching and Processing Sessions: Join us live on Zoom every Tuesday from 7-9pm, starting from 9/17-12/17.(Note: There will be two weeks off - election night and the week of Thanksgiving holiday) 

Dates of live sessions are as follows: 9/17, 9/24, 10/1, 10/8, 10/15, 10/22, 10/29, 11/12, 11/19, 12/3, 12/10,12/17


Group Energy Healing Sessions: Experience the power of healing every other week during the program. Liz, a master energy healer, will conduct distant energy healings for the group. These sessions will not be live, so you can participate from the comfort of your own space should you choose to or may allow the energies to shift from wherever you are. Healing sessions will be done on Thursday evenings. Liz will inform the group of session times during the program should you desire to be in a receptive place. 


What to Know:


By joining Embrace Your Sacred Power: Self-Leadership Coaching for Women, you are securing one of the limited places available. This 12-week program combines group coaching and distant energy healing, delivered online in a live group format. Your commitment to attending all 12 sessions in person is essential, as the group container fosters potent and valuable energy. Consistency and dedication to the sessions will yield high-level results. In case you are unable to attend a session, you can listen to the recording and complete the work at your convenience before the next session. Sessions take place live on Tuesday evenings at 7pm so please be punctual as a consideration to your process and the group.


Please note that there is a strict NO REFUNDS policy. Upon registering,  you acknowledge that refunds are not available. Once you have registered for the program, if you choose not to participate, you will not receive a refund.

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